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Worst return from vacations

Worst return from vacations - Bernard Smith

There is nothing more upsetting than returning from vacation and finding out that your basement has been flooded. The first thing you do when you face this situation is start cursing. You curse everything that comes on your way.  Next, your head starts spinning, and your heart is pounding. Then you drop your suitcases and go look for some cleaning products, a mop and the bucket. You are fighting sleep and exhaustion, because the past two weeks you did not get a chance to rest. You have been on party each single day and night, without exception.

While you are trying to stay calm and have a clear evaluation of the damage, you are worrying that you will never get rid of the mold. You have a look at the wooden floor and you wonder how badly it got affected.  Then you start inspecting the walls and the moldings. That’s when you get chills on your back. You are keeping your fingers crossed, hoping that when you would remove a piece of molding that had change color, you would not find any black mold under. Unfortunately it is there. It is not black, but orange.

Because you are aware of its harmful effects on your health, you are trying to deal with the problem as soon as possible. At first you are trying to figure it out if there is a thing that you could deal with alone, or if you would need the services of a professional. Then of course, you think of money. How much would this terrible thing would cost you and how long would it take to have it fixed? The truth is you can’t know for sure what the exact situation is, until you strip the wall and check for mold.

All the above happened to me, when I came back from Europe. Luckily I knew someone doing mold removal Montreal, who helped me fix the basement. I had one inch of water and mold on the walls. Initially it looked like just a bit of mold on the bottom of the walls. I ended up having to gut the whole basement and replace the framing and full walls. The guy used green boards, which he sprayed with Killz. After this he reinsulated everything. Couple of thousands of dollars went flying right there!  When he was done, I had to redo the floating floor. Again! At least, I was happy I found the same type of floor at a discount price.

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