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My Best Friend’s New Job

My Best Friend’s New Job - Bernard Smith

My best friend is currently undergoing something of a career change at the moment. It’s not really a huge leap for him, at least I don’t think so, as he has moved away from a career in construction and doing road works. I don’t know too much about this sort of stuff, but I figure that the general concepts must be the same, which is probably why he seems to be taking to it pretty quickly.

He’s been telling me about how he has been working on the freeway recently to put some vehicle restraint systems in place. I had no idea what they were when he used the term but apparently the term refers to pretty much any safety barrier that is put in place on the roads in an effort to stop cars from veering too far out of control or to bring them to a quick halt so that they don’t do more damage.

Anyway, he’s been going on and on about how much fun he’s been having installing these new vehicle restraint systems and waxing lyrical on how the old ones simply weren’t up to snuff as though he actually knows what he’s talking about. I know he’s going to be good at the job but when he starts quoting statistics to me then I know it’s somebody else’s words coming out of his mouth!

They haven’t been the most invigorating conversations in the world, I must admit. Usually when we get together we grab a few drinks and talk about the usual guy stuff, so to have vehicle restraint systems enter my life in such a prominent fashion has been somewhat unexpected. I guess I just don’t have the same passion for road works as he seems to, but then I wouldn’t expect anybody to have much of a passion for it at any time.

Still, he seems to be really happy. Apparently the job is more interesting than his previous construction gig as he prefers travelling every day and installing the vehicle restraint systems is apparently really easy in comparison. I’m not sure how true that it is either but I suppose that it’s good to see him happy. Now I’m just waiting for the shine to eventually fade from his new job and for him to settle into it so that we can finally start talking about something a little bit different when we meet up.

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