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The missing brackets

The missing brackets - Bernard Smith

Last week, I bought a retractable awning in Montreal. I had a friend coming over to help me install it. The awning montreal company mentioned they could send a technician, but I declined their offer. I did not want to spend more money. So, my friend and I, we could have done it ourselves.

Therefore, we took out all of the pieces from the box, placed them on the balcony’s floor, and realized that the brackets were missing. My friend asked me if I took them out earlier.

I supposed they were in the box. Usually they are provided by the manufacturer and do not need to be purchased separately. Without the brackets, there was no way to install the awning.

I invited my friend to take a short break while I was looking for the awning’s bill. I went through my emails hoping it was a mistake that the seller forgot to add them in the box. I opened the email with the order confirmation. I downloaded the invoice and read it again. It contained all the possible details of the awning (width, projection, operation, fabric color, frame color, hand-crank length, operation point), except the brackets. I must have forgotten to buy them. But someone from their shop should have mentioned it!

I called the awning company and asked if they had brackets I needed. The woman on the phone asked me for the order number and put me on hold for two minutes. Then she continued saying they had them in store, and if I was able to pass by before 4:00 p.m. she would have them prepared for me.

It was pointless making a fuss about the whole incident, the mistake was mine. Anyway, we drove to their shop, picked-up the missing pieces, and headed back home to finish the work. It was already noon, and in the afternoon, we were expected to be at my brother's place, for a poker game.

Once the brackets were up, we installed easily the awning hood, and the bar of the awning into the mounting brackets, following the manufacturer's instructions. My friend was hungry and ready to go already.

Because I am a finicky person, he had to wait a bit more for me to apply some silicone caulking along the top edges of the mounting brackets. I knew I could have put the silicone later on, but it would have bothered me if I didn’t. I know myself. I would tinker until everything is just right, and arranged to my satisfaction.

We went straight to my brother's house and ordered our late lunch over there.

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