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Binge Watching

Binge Watching - Bernard Smith

We do not spend money on the premium channel package from SEO Toronto Company.  Most of the movies are not interesting and they are re-runs so many times that really, there’s NOTHING on.  We have a DVR, so we record stuff we do want to watch, and maybe something the guys at work recommend.  The other shows usually come out on DVD anyway. 

When we record a show on the DVR, it’s great because we can zip right through the commercials and watch whenever we want.  The best thing to do is to wait three or four weeks then binge watch.  We love to get a pizza, a couple of beers, and see what’s goingto happen on our favorite shows. 

Just last weekend there wasn’t a decent game on Sunday afternoon, so we went to the store and got some snacks to have while we watched four straight episodes.  What a great time.  We could rewind if we missed something, fast-forward through the commercials and opening credits, and stop when we needed a break. It was better than going to the movies, and better than waiting another week.  Of course, now we have to wait a few more weeks, but there are other things to watch.  Plus, we have lives, too.

This is not just a thing we do.  We know other people do it, too.  We’re all about not telling them what happened, because we don’t want spoilers, either.  The people who can’t help themselves are not high on our list.

Another way we binge watch is to buy the whole season on DVD.  You can find them used on the internet at huge discounts, then sell them to someone else when you’re done.  This way is even cooler because there are behind-the-scenes stuff and other extras on these DVDs.  We can sometimes even find two or three seasons of a show at the library.

The only problem with binge watching on DVD like this is that before we know it, the whole day is gone—or the whole weekend—and we haven’t gone outside or even left the living room.  Some of these shows are THAT addictive.  We might even watch an episode more than once if there’s a lot of action or if a new character appears. It’s really kind of sick if you think about it.

With all the talk about certain shows, and the awards that some shows get, I think that I might as well try to watch them.  Some of them are great, and I will keep watching.  What I hate is when I start liking a show and then find out it’s already over for good or has been cancelled.  That is sort of a waste of time.  Usually, though, binge watching is fine and, for now, it’s all good.

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