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Being a big brother

Being a big brother - Bernard Smith

In couple of days I will go fly to Calgary in order to go to Blake’s concert. Don’t smile! I like some of his songs but that's about it. The reason I’m going is because my little sister is a big country music fan and Blake Shelton is one of her favorites.

Initially, my mother was supposed to go with her at the concert, but unfortunately, she had a car accident and got injured. Nothing severe, but she's not in her top shape. She's having some back pain and her left leg hurts. She's definitely not able to fly for almost five hours, not to mention attending a music concert. Although she was still considering this alternative, until her physician told her to forget about it.

Thus, since my sister is still a minor (she's only ten years old) and she can’t go alone, and my mom already promised her she would still send her to the concert, I have to escort her. I guess that falls in my big brothers duties to be my sister's bodyguard. That's what she calls me anyway.

The concert will be held this Friday at Stampede Park. Luckily I still have vacation days left. My mom had already reserved a room and got me a plane ticket. I told her I wouldn't mind if she wants to pay my vacation south too.

Last time I went to Calgary was three years back when I took a trip to Alberta and British Columbia with two of my friends. Gosh, driving on the Alberta asphalt through the Canadian Rockies was such an amazing experience. I had driven through mountains before, but that drive was different. Everything was different. Better. I think that was one of my best vacations ever.

We spend almost three weeks on the road, going from Calgary to Edmonton, Jasper, Kamloops and Vancouver. We saw the Takkakaw Falls and Emerald Lake. We visited the three or four national and provincial parks: Mount Robson, Yoho, and Glacier National Park. I remember that in Wells Gray Park we suited for a white water rafting expedition. That's when I discovered that my buddy Paul was an adrenaline junkie. We almost got killed in that expedition because of him.

If I tell him or any of my buddies that now I'm flying to Calgary only for a day to see Blake’s concert they’d say I'd lost my mind and I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Fortunately, I won’t have to.

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